Specialty Chemicals

Cargroomers has an in house industrial chemist as well as access to chemists that specialise in individual fields which ensures we can manufacture any variation of solution to fit your customised requirements.

An example of this style of work can be found in the following examples of speciality chemicals we produced for our customers:

Morrison Agencies in Rockhampton required a specialised citrus based cleaner that would not leave any residue during and after each application. The product had to be powerful in its cleaning ability to remove grease and fallout whilst still being able to go through a water treatment plant and being able to be removed during the recycling process.

This product was very technical to develop and we used our in house chemist, a specialised chemist on recycling was also engaged to enable this product to meet the strict critera. This product has been extremely successful in all aspects of the requirements.

Mercedes Benz South Korea has a fall out issue that was potentially going to damage vehicles so we designed and developed a safe fall out remover that also protected the vehicles from further contimanation.

These two examples are just a snapshot of our ability to be able to produce a specialised and customised chemical for your needs. We can do this all in house under strict confidentiality and under a private label agreement to protect your idea and brand.